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Christian/Open to your beliefs and values

Active, nurturing and hoping to grow our family

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We are Amy and Travis. We reunited years after we went to high school.

Now, after 7 years together, we have a life-long friendship and an eternal soulmate connection!

We have tried for years to grow our family and have not yet been successful. Amy has helped raise Ashley and Trevor (Travis had brought with him from previous marriage) as her own. Now the kids are getting older and we are even more hopeful to grow our family.  We have so much family support and love to give!

Family is most important to us. We are down-to-earth and love travel. We serve others in our community as volunteering plays a vital role in our lives.


Dear birth parent,

We come to you in love, respect and honesty. And we assure you we'll raise your child with these key characteristics. We want you to know that your child's future will be filled with as many opportunities to learn and grow as possible!

We'll provide experiences on our wide-open land and in nature (loving all kinds of animals and helping varieties of plants to grow). We have an abundance of eternal family love to give. Both of us have large families who get together frequently. One side of our family travels, about once every three months, to spend about a week making fun family memories! And both sets of grandparents raise many different animals (sheep, rabbits, fish, birds, goats, pigs, dogs and cats), along with a variety of plants and crops, from edible to ornamental.

What we value most is family and love. We look forward to meeting you and getting to show you our abundance of nurturing we have to give. Your strength and courage will bond us for the rest of our lives together. Our lifelong journey will take time, and we are looking forward to taking that path, step by step, with you. Please know, we will always keep you in high regard with your child.

We love you and will always love you. All of your bravery and sacrifice will be what all of us together will cherish and unite us as one large and loving family. You have our complete support for your best interests right now, and always.

We welcome every single day of your child's future! And we'll all do everything it takes to help this blessed little child to grow into leading a wonderfully happy and healthy life.


Travis & Amy

About our Family...


Travis talks about Amy

Amy has a beautiful heart and family comes first. She has been a stable and loving mom to both Trevor and Ashley for the past 7 years. Amy always puts the needs of any family or friend above her own.  People from all walks of life are drawn to her. She hopes to grow the family with the addition of a new bundle of joy or more!

Amy's career has led her to various countries, such as Spain, Peru and Mexico. She has taught Spanish, counseled victims of sexual and domestic assault and served as an interpreter/translator of Spanish in her community. For the past 8 years, she has been a Career Planner for the State of Iowa/Workforce Development.

Amy enjoys gardening! Her parents have a large farm garden that the family all helps to maintain. Also, she loves reading! She lives for spending time with family when not at work. The activities she loves are hiking, biking, running and volleyball.


Amy talks about Travis

Travis is a strong family man. He is competent across the board: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. His confidence in himself and in his family are what help us grow tighter together.

Travis' career has included multiple banking positions over the past 12 years.  He currently works as Relationship Officer for Farm Credit Services.  He also co-owns our family-owned lawn care business.

Travis stays active in many sports, such as golf, racketball and basketball. He can be counted on to do anything it takes, anytime and anywhere to help his family.  He also frequently serves as a volunteer in our community.  One event he especially enjoys is taking elementary kids around our fairgrounds during fair season to show them all the agriculture-related exhibits.

About Ashley

Ashley adores all animals. She especially enjoys dogs, cats, horses and rabbits. She attends college and is majoring in Business.

Every year, our town hosts a large county fair. Ashley has shown her horse, Frank, and performed in the opening horse show ceremonies quite a few consecutive years. She loves showing animals.

She is excited to have another younger sibling with whom she can share her passion, tenderness and love.

About Trevor

Trevor loves working on the farm and is always happy to try anything new. He enjoys playing on the water, golfing and being with his cousins. He has a big heart!

As he gets older, we are seeing his love grow for golf and the outdoors, in general.  He has already won local youth golf tournament and plans to continue the sport for the rest of his life.

Trevor cannot wait to be a big brother. He has always wanted a younger sibling and has so much love to give!

Extended Family

We are very close with our families and spend a great deal of time together on weekends and holidays.  Both our parents and siblings are not only emotionally close with us, but also physically near our home.  Both sets of parents are within 5 miles of our home.

Our Home

We both were raised in Iowa. Travis' family moved around the state depending on his parents' work. Amy grew up on the same land her ancestors settled over 100 years ago.  Our town is on the smaller side (~11,000 pop.) and consists mainly of ag-business and retail.  Even though, we live within the town, we have strong connections to the rural/farm life.  Every day, we make it that our home welcomes all and offers room to grow.


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